WST shockwave

...are all tiny and adorable!

The WST Military Operations Commander, or as he sometimes moonlights, Shockwave, is a slow and steady analytical laser gun robot thingie made by Justitoys.

Also, he is tiny and purple, which makes him AWESOME.

An interesting piece of symbiotic marketing has made it so the WST Military Operations Commander can be held by the FansProject Colossus or the CrazyDevy CDW - 5 add on hands. This is also awesome. On the other hand, he also comes with a hand especially made for G1 Bruticus, so I guess they kind of beat them to the punch there. LAME PUNS


For positions like this lasting more than four hours, consult your doctor.

There was also a limited run of only 500 differently colored WST Shockwaves. These were known as "Shackwave," hich is colored grey to represent the Shockwave mold in its limited run at Radioshack. As an added appeal to this, it makes a grey Shockwave as seen in the show "Transformers Animated" which is highly praised and will one day be the new G1.

Radio, Shack. GET IT?

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