The WST Dinorobots are miniature fully transforming versions of the G1 Dinobots.

They are made by Justitoys.

Shockingly, they do not combine into The Beast.

Although they are called "WST", they are quite a bit larger than a Takara WST Transformer. Each of the G1 Dinobots has been released as a WST Dinorobot, and each one has been repainted as an exclusive at least once. Here are the various releases:

Standard Releases:

  • - WST Commander (Grimlock)
  • - WST Flamethrower (Slag)
  • - WST Desert Warrior Snarl
  • - WST Jungle Warrior (Sludge)
  • - WST Bombardier (Swoop with a blue Diaclone/cartoon chest)

Exclusive Repaints:

  • - WST Desert Warrior Snarl Red Version (999 made; 10 gold "Lucky Draw" prizes; TF Source Exclusive)
  • - WST G2 Flamethrower (Green; 500 made; TFCon 2007 Exclusive)
  • - WST Stocking Stuffer 2006: Santa Commander (Blue) (500? made; 10 gold "Lucky Draw" prizes; Includes dino santa hat; TF Source Exclusive)
  • - WST Stocking Stuffer Giftset 2007: Reindeer Commander (Green) and Bombardier Elf (Red G1 Chest) (500 made; 10 silver "Lucky Draw" prizes; Includes red nose and antlers for Commander and elf hat for Bombardier; TF Source exclusive)
  • - WST Stocking Stuffer Giftset 2008: G2 Red Desert Warrior and Ice Sculpture Jungle Warrior (Clear) (500 made; TF Source exclusive)
  • - WST 5 Piece Dinorobot Dark Retribution Giftset (500 made; Black; TF Source exclusive)
  • - WST 5 Piece Dinorobot Giftset Comic Edition (300 made; Chrome and Silver; TF Source exclusive)

Except for Swoop, the individual WST Dinorobots do not come with their G1 missile launchers. However, to make up for this, Swoop (and the repaints of Swoop) comes with missile launchers for all five of them.

For some reason, Snarl is the only one to use his G1 name on his packaging in English (Snarl is also unique in having been packaged under the heading of "WST Dinobots" rather than "WST Dinorobots."). All others are only named by their G1 Tech Spec function.

Each of the Dinobots have their name on the packaging in Japanese.

Justitoys' WST Dinorobots were so successful that another company created knockoffs of them, the irony being that the WST Dinorobots are themselves practically knockoffs.

  • WST Grimlock
  • WST Slag
  • Sludge
  • WST Snarl
  • WST Swoop
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