Transformers JUSTiTOYS WST World Smallest TF - BLASTER.2

So he's a MICRO casette player! Ha...ha...yeah...

The WST Communications Liason is a tiny tiny boombox based on a very large boombox toy from the '80s. It is made by Justitoys.

Because of its small size, this third party Blaster can stow away in the iGear bases and playsets. Exciting.

An added bonus is the fact that this tiny Blaster comes with a teeny weeny itty bitty steeljaw. He is adorable. Just like the real WST Soundwave and Ravage, this Steeljaw is possibly the smallest third party transformer toy in existance. Noteworthy.

Another noteworthy piece to add is the limited to 500 run blue repaint of this toy named as "Twincast."


"So...been here long?"

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