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UNICRON.COM is a website owned by the "Lukis Bros" who have, in the past, manufactured Accessory Kits. Starting in 2000 they are one of the earliest third party transformers company.

2000 setEdit

  • A stand for Beast Machines Blackarachnia to allow her to stand on her toes-tips as she does in the series.
  • A stand for the Deluxe Thrust figure allowing it to balance on a single wheel.
  • Two swords for the deluxe Cheetor figure, which are sharp enough that the developers advised the blades be kept away from children.
  • A stand for the Cheetor figure, which was notorious for balance issues.
  • A "Key to Vector Sigma"

2003 setEdit

  • A display base for the Armada Unicron figure (and recolors thereof). This figure needed additional glue to hold together. In order to release the figure in time, the set was constructed based on early photos of the toy.

2004 setEdit

  • A package of ten "Energon Cubes" which were covered in sparkles and crap so they look all radiant.


A set of Golden Discs based off of the discs seen in the Beast Wars series, and a holder for Transmetal Megatron to grasp them as he did on the series like in that one episode.


They were official this year. Go read about it on the other wiki, plebs.

2009 setEdit

  • An "Allspark" which can open and close with a blue marble in the center. Applying the stickers to the Allspark is a challenge akin to getting Hercules to put a shirt on.
  • A set of two Inhibitor Cuffs which are made of a plastic flexible enough to allow them to fit over the wrists of most figures in the Animated line.
  • An easily lost Allspark Key that I lost in a move.
  • Show-accurate magnets for the Earth-mode Ratchet Figure.

Abandoned conceptsEdit

  • A kit to give extra leg articulation to Armada Megatron
  • An entire figure based on the Diagnostics Drone from Beast Machines. This is very sad.