"I'm the red one"

Perfect Effect is noteable for making third party versions of Soundwave's cassettes. As of this edit they have made a "Shadow Warrior" and a two pack of red and blue shadow warriors to represent frenzy and/or rumble.

Which color represents which robot is really up for debate. And no one cares at this point.

They have also made oversized sword accesories for the Classics Optimus Prime mold, which are noteworthy for being ridiculously overpriced, even for a third party company. This came in colors to match all of that mold's release.

They are also coming out with more cassettes, this time to match Laserbeak, Ratbat, Rosanna, etc. It is unlikely that they would make a Ravage, considering a good one was released as recently as 2008, but who knows.

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