Justitoys is a Hong Kong-based third party Transformers company. Their products include:

- WST Dinorobots

- MP5 Upgrade Package

- The Trailer of 20th Anniversary OP

- WST Military Operations Commander (Shockwave)

- WST Communications Liaison (Blaster)

Although their WST Dinorobots were larger and more complex than official Takara WST Transformers, their subsequent WST releases, Military Operations Commander and Communications Liaison, are of the same scale and complexity as Takara WST Transformers.

Justitoys has partnered up with TFSource, TFCon, and Robot Kingdom to produce exclusive repaints of their WST toys.


Justitoys' WST Dinorobots were so successful that another company created knockoffs of them, the irony being that the WST Dinorobots are themselves practically knockoffs.

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