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FANSPROJECT is one of the first highly popularized mass producing third party company to specialize in third party transformers toys and accessories.

Their first mass produced kit was the "CJ upgrade kit" which was made in resin and produced in only small quantities. Its purpose was to upgrade the 2006 Classics Cliffjumper. They also made a small upgrade kit which gave alternators Optimus Prime a gun and a matrix. The gun turns into a tank of gas.

After this, FansProject made their real debut with their "City Commander" which was used as a large upgrade to the 2006 target exclusive 2-pack Ultra Magnus, which was sold along with Skywarp. The "City Commander" set out to allow the toy to be more like the Ultra Magnus of transformers Generation One. It was highly regarded and sought after.

They also produced the TFX BT-01 Alternators Optimus Prime/BT Convoy upgrade kit, consisting of a transforming gas can that became a gun reminiscent of G1 Prime's gun, as well as a Matrix add on.

The "City Commander" had a few repaints and retools, notably the sword weilding "Shadow Commander," the energon consuming TFCon-exclusive "Powered Commander", chromed henkei-inspired "DIA Commander" and the add-on kit which gave "City Commander" the shoulder missle launchers introduced in later toolings, new faceplates, and a new G1 Magnus inspired converting rifle.

This claim to fame allowed FANSPROJECT to become a household name for transformers fans, and paved the way for many other third party comapnies to follow. This was only supplemented by the release of thier "G3 trailer," noteable for the ability to tow the "Commander"-series trailers around to make a convoy.

Thier next few projects of the "TFX Crossfires" line were made by a smaller branch in thier comapny, and were made to compliment the transformers Energon combiners. The first example of this was an add-on kit for Superion, granting it higher poseability and better proportions. This set came in grey and white.

Following this came the first full figure from FANSPROJECT, the "TFX Defender," designed as a heavy homage to the transformer Springer, including the ability to turn from a robot to a truck and to a helicopter. This figure was well designed and had heavy diecast placed at strategic points to not knock against any other point. This toy is notable for having enough poseability and strategically placed holsters to allow it to take its gun from its holster and aim it, without the need of the collector to remove the weapon themselves.

The next point in the "TFX Crossfires" line granted us with "TFX 02A Explorer" an axe wielding sociopathic scientist, and "TFX 02B Munitioner" a weapon obsessed gun wielding sociopath. These two were designed to go together, as well as completing the ROTF Bruticus set to create a G1 Bruticus, or as its called in the instructions and related media, "Colossus," which may be considered thier greatest claim to fame yet.

Their future endeavors include the "TFX Protector" designed to emulate Rodimus Prime, and the targetmaster "Sidearm". Wish them the best of luck.


With the absence of a cartoon, fansproject has been nice enough to include fiction in all of their works. An abridged story includes not-Optimus fighting a Pharaoh-bot in ancient Egypt and using Powered Commander to apparently win. The colors became a TFCon exclusive. Later, not-Nemesis got his own Commander trailer, this time in black and with a red sword. Sounds familiar, don't it?

Meanwhile, Explorer was making a gestalt technology, perhaps to battle the army of City Commanders, but it failed. To fix it he, along with Munitioner, combined with it to make the Colossus.

Sometime later, Protector mourned the apparent loss of G3, his... leader? But rollerRollar comes out to inform him that he will be the new leader with his new, lovely transforming trailer.

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