“I started eating Energy Cubes about two months ago, and I can already see a difference. I’ve gone down two waist sizes. I sleep better, I’ve got more drive, and I’m not exhausted everyday when I come home from work. My wife still can’t believe it. It’s incredible. Energy Cubes have changed my life.” ---Kickback


The Edward Cullen of energy cubes.

Energy Cubes, or as they are referred to in first party conversation, Energon cubes, are bright pink cubes of pure energy. Many companies have decided to make these in one form or another because of a few reasons.

  1. Its a simple design
  2. They are cheap to produce
  3. They are legally ambiguous to avoid potential lawsuits.

With these in mind, there have been a few different forms made by a few different companies.

They have been made by "Impossible Toys," "," "Fansproject," and even "Reprolabels" got in on it.

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Mmm, Starbursts...


Roll a Pink side and you win every time!

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