"Crazy Devy" has made some Crazy Devestator parts! How unique.

thumb|right|300px|Balls not included.The add on kits include CMW parts:

  1. The head and crotch piece
  2. More articulated upper legs with hip and knee articulation
  3. A grabby claw hand for ROTF legends devestator
  4. Testicles for the ROTF legends Devestator ...WHY?
  5. Articulated hands and a gun
  6. A light up head for G1 Superion
  7. piledrivers, articulated shoulders and waist, and balljoint heads for G1 Frenzy and Rumble. (DONT ASK WHICH IS WHICH)
  8. A set of new forearms and shoulders for G1 devestator.
  9. More shoulder articulation, as well as a purple cement barrel to replace the green one
  10. New head for Predaking, with red LED lighting
  11. Extended wings for Predaking
  12. TBA

Their stance seems to be to make small and cheap objects as opposed to other companies who make larger and more elaborate models.

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