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"Ha ha, I shame you with your lack of humongous gun!"

The City Commander was the claim to fame of FansProject, being an upgraded form of the transformers Classics Ultra Magnus.

It has many repaints, and a few retools.

Some people have referred to it as a cash cow.

Other Third Party Companies have even created Upgrade Kits for this upgrade kit. Full circle, man.

thumb|right|300px|I'm suddenly nostalgic for Cybertron.

The City Commander's instructions were the first made by FansProject, and were quite impressive. Not only did it show the transformation instructions in great detail, but it also gave some media and context to an otherwise bland concept. Aparently the City Commander is a powerful warrior living in ancient Egypt and fighting hollow parodies. It's not the worst job in the world.

It should also be noted that there are "Reprolabels" available for both this product, as well as the "G3 trailer" which can tow this along with it.


Powered Commander:Edit

A sold-out TFcon Exclusive piece limited to 1000 pieces (please verify), the figure was given colors to match the "Powered Convoy" from the Diaclone toy line (which was recolored into Ultra Magnus which who inspired the original City Commander armor). The actual color shades match Classics Optimus Prime. The set also came with:

  • a "briefcase" that could hold eight energon "Energy Pieces" (but oddly, only came with seven). We blame Canadian taxes.
  • A transparent "TFcon 2010" sticker.
  • Two non-firing Rocket launchers.

DIA CommanderEdit

Mirror the release of Henkei Henkei figures who are almost identical to the Botcon 2007 Exclusive set, Fansproject released DIA Commander (exclusively to Japanese retailers, confirm/verify?). And to keep things consistent, the figure's breast plate was colored in a much shinier silver paint.

A large number of TFcon attendees felt quite gypped that their exclusive wasn't so exclusive anymore. But excellent for those of us who can't afford Canadian taxes.

Shadow CommanderEdit

A black recolor of the set with aquamarine highlights, made to integrate with The San Diego 2008/Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive Nemesis Prime. The set came with the addition of a sword, similar to the sword used by Robots in Disguise Scourge. It is quite pretty.This Version Of The Mold Has The Most Fan-Made Accessories.

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