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Bendway (A.K.A. Robobuz) Is the apparent leader of the Mad Metal Force, and a product of The Design Assembly. While no official characterization exists for him, he notably transforms into a Bendy Bus, which is pretty awesome

Unforunately, The model has been ready for production since 2009 but has repeatedly failed to enter mass production, due to continuosly occupied resources of the client factory, which is primarily an automotive manufacturer. Despite the disadvantage, however, the company has yet to drop the project, and keep live to shoot for another release date, the latest being April-May 2013. So, fingers crossed!

Admittedly, Bendway isn't really a Third Party Transformer, it wasn't created with the intent of confirming with the Hasbro brand and draws no similarities except for, well, transforming. Nevertheless, news of the figure was channeled at large through transformers fan-made media outlets, and this was also where most of the buzz was generated, so technically...

LSS: We just wanted an excuse to put him on this wiki. But come on! It's just so cool!

Transforming Bus Bendway

Transforming Bus Bendway


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